Friday, February 6, 2009

Mi so happy!

It's always so exciting when you discover an artist or product you love or feel inspired by. Last September I was browsing in one of my favourite stores in New York City, Kinokuniya, the fantastic 2 level store full of Japanese books, magazines and other Asian delights when I fell in love with a Spicy Brown t-shirt. The colours were perfect, as was the scoop neck and soft organic cotton and of course the adorable Kokeshi character. I bought one with the hopes that it would never wear out! I love my t-shirt so much that I decided to carry a select number of tops and socks on the Jenn Loves page of my shop, each one with a very kawaii graphic. The Mi So Happy tote will put everyone in a good mood. Go to to buy. Attention Canadian shoppers, we seem to be the only shop in Canada selling Spicy Brown so no need to deal with duty, expensive shipping or exchange rates! (photos courtesy of Spicy Brown)

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