Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love my tablet!

I am a gadget girl. I still marvel at how email and the internet work! This summer I discovered an electronic sketchbook that has changed the way I do my illustration, it is so exciting! I bought the Wacom Cintiq tablet and it is a dream for smooth line work. Here's a new illustration that I did using the tablet.   

Ocean Discovery Center

It was a treat to work with my friend Janice earlier this Summer who hired me to illustrate 2 kids t-shirts for the gift shop at the Ocean Discovery Center in Victoria. She did a fantastic job at designing the gift shop, making it inviting, natural and reflective of the beautiful setting. Here is a photo of the boys t-shirt, sharks and all.

Greeting the Emperor & Empress of Japan

I have met the most lovely woman here in Victoria. We knew the second we met that we would work together in some way. In the Fall, Hitomi (on the right) will launch Furochic to the Japanese market as a modern take on the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, furoshiki. Recently her mother visited from Japan and I was honoured to be invited to watch Hitomi, her mother and a friend prepare to greet the Emperor & Empress of Japan when they arrived in Victoria last month. The kimonos were brought from Japan from Hitomi's family kimono business and were very carefully chosen so that the colours and designs reflected the occasion and the hot Summer weather. They were the epitome of elegance and grace.

A frenzy of creativity!

This is my portion of the booth at the CGTA Gift Show, August 8-12 in Toronto. When I do these shows, I am determined that everything must fit in one suitcase and the set up should take no longer than 45 minutes! On the last day, the show ended at 3, I was on the plane by 4:30 and home in Victoria for dinner! For those of you that don't know me, I've been packing my suitcase since I was 6 so I have a lot of practice!

Here are some photos from the Surtex show for art licensing in May in NYC. I shared a booth with my fellow Magnet Reps artists, Bella Pilar and Catalina Estrada. At the end of the show, Bella had an artist appearance at the Papyrus store in Grand Central. She was very glam and looked perfect sitting at the fancy desk amongst her gorgeous products. Isn't this a fantastic window display?

This is one of my favourite photos of myself mostly because I am in one of my favourite places. What could be more grand than Grand Central? That will forever be my favourite colour blue! I love imagining where everyone comes from and where they are going. Endless possibilities.  

This is our booth at Surtex 2009 - Bella, Catalina and me! Yes, those are Furochic's made into a table cloth thanks to my friend Korinne.

From my La Belle Bombay Collection. 

A sample from the Gigi Bijou Collection.

Ok, this is ridiculous, 3 months since my last post! And I love blogging! My life seems to be flying by with heavenly hours spent creating with my ongoing medley of projects and balancing my creative world with my two spirited children! Here's a recap of what has been going on in my world. In May I was in Surtex mode and had my head down focusing on new designs for my licensing portfolio. I exhibited at the trade show with my agent from Magnet Reps and my friend Bella Pilar whose glamour girl illustrations are so beautiful you want them all over your house! Catalina Estrada also had her gorgeous art in the booth. The collection I enjoyed working on the most was Gigi Bijou where I was inspired by intricate and sparkly vintage jewellery made into patterns that came alive through flipping and rotating the gems. My Pikolini (little ones in Italian) characters were fun to create and I have visions of little ones putting their heads down to rest on pillows and bedding adorned with these little guys. La Belle Bombay was the perfect combo of my love for all things French and Indian! 
June was my Furochic month! I designed my second collection which is being printed as we speak and will be ready to send to the shops in October. Picking 6 designs was agony! How do you get the right balance of colours, holiday versus everyday and not too many flowers etc... I finally took the plunge and decided on 6. In anticipation of the release of Wrapagami, I filmed a promo video where I demonstrate how to use Furochic. I was offered a fantastic opportunity to exhibit at the CGTA in Toronto in August and in fact have just returned from the trip. Picked up lot's of tips from other talented business woman/creators and had the chance to have my video played on a loop to attract buyers to my booth. These shows are always a success and I come home with nuggets of information I didn't know before.