Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the shops

I'm sorry to say that there is not a weekly wrap this week because I have been SO busy wrapping away at many Furochic workshops and parties! With holiday gift giving around the corner, there has been a lot of interest from people who would like to wrap their gifts this year in reusable fabric. Here are some photos of the great window display at Plenty Epicurean Pantry in Victoria, a beautiful and eclectic store full of exotic and earth friendly goodies. I ran a workshop in the shop on Buy Nothing Day where the store was closed for purchases but open for fun to promote the idea of cutting back on consumerism by refraining from buying anything for one day.
Wrapagami is making it's way into the shops and here it is alongside other cute and crafty books. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Furochic (Message pattern) is featured in the Holiday Gift Guide of Style At Home's December issue. Many thanks to Margot Austin. It is a great issue with lot's of holiday ideas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Wrap #5 - Odd Shaped Gifts

Fabric wraps are perfect for odd shaped gifts and soft items such as plush toys or clothes. I've always thought store boxes for clothes were wasteful - their only function making the gift easier to wrap with paper and then usually ending up in the garbage. For this weeks wrap, I took an odd shaped gift that was given to me by a friend from her travels to Thailand to show you how easy it is to wrap with a Furochic. The pointy bits would have definitely ripped paper wrap.
Place the gift in the center of the wrap which is on a diagonal. Bring two opposite corners together and tie a square knot over the gift. Bring the remaining two corners and tie another square knot. I chose to embellish this gift with a butterfly which is clipped on to the top knot. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Wrap #4 - Furochic and Kids

Kids seem to be the most creative with their Furochic wraps. Ava who is 7, wraps her birthday gifts for her friends in Furochic and the girls use them in their play whether it is a blanket for a stuffed animal, a table cloth for a fancy tea party or a new dress. Oliver loves his Furochic as a cape and runs around the house with it flying behind him in the wind. For children that are crafty, fabric wraps can be cut up for sewing projects. Kids love how they get to keep the gift wrap and it can be a way to teach them how to reduce waste.

Oh and by the way, Sofia and Ava designed their Furochic dresses completely on their own and wrapped themselves up with elegance!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Wrap #3 - Kangaroo Wrap

This is my favourite wrap. I just love the pocket - a perfect spot to tuck in a cute little guy or use it as a functional place to hold your greeting card. This wrap is something you can't do with paper gift wrap making it unique to using fabric. It's also very quick and easy.

Weekly Wrap #2 - Carry your beer to the party

We went to a Halloween party this weekend and brought some beer all dressed up in an orange Furochic for the festivities. Place the wrap on a diagonal with the beer in the center of the wrap and bring 2 opposite corners together and tie a knot. The other two corners can be twisted before you tie a square knot to create a little handle. The gold foil on the beer looks great exposed so you don't need to worry about covering it all up. This is more of a chic carry case.

Happy Halloween!

My little lion and geisha witch on Halloween night!