Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Wrap #5 - Odd Shaped Gifts

Fabric wraps are perfect for odd shaped gifts and soft items such as plush toys or clothes. I've always thought store boxes for clothes were wasteful - their only function making the gift easier to wrap with paper and then usually ending up in the garbage. For this weeks wrap, I took an odd shaped gift that was given to me by a friend from her travels to Thailand to show you how easy it is to wrap with a Furochic. The pointy bits would have definitely ripped paper wrap.
Place the gift in the center of the wrap which is on a diagonal. Bring two opposite corners together and tie a square knot over the gift. Bring the remaining two corners and tie another square knot. I chose to embellish this gift with a butterfly which is clipped on to the top knot. 


  1. i love your new collection! and have purchased 3 furoshikis from your website. unfortunately i made a mistake on the order, ordering 2 of the same design by accident. Have sent you an email via your furochic.com website hope you can get back to me on it thank you! :)

  2. My 7-year-old daughter has beautiful long hair for which I can't resist buying hair ties in different shapes and styles. She, of course, perversely won't wear any of them. Now that I've discovered furoshiki thanks to you, I'm going to be using them to accesorize my wraps. They're a perfect combination, thanks for the idea.

  3. Hair accessories do work great as they can be clipped easily to the fabric. Or you can weave the fabric through the elastic and when you tie your knot, it will hold it in place. And who knows, when your daughter sees the hair ties with the furoshiki, she may decide that she loves them and wants to use them after all!