Friday, December 11, 2009

Furochic workshop

I'm finding that many people think that wrapping furoshiki style is difficult and even when I say "no really, it is SO easy" they look at me like they don't quite believe me! During my workshops, people can try the wraps first hand and they marvel at the simplicity of the wrapping techniques and the beautiful final presentation. Maybe it is the way the fabric gathers with all of it's charm - it is so forgiving.
Here are some photos of my last workshop at my friend Diana's in Victoria. She has since sent a suitcase full of presents wrapped in fabric for her husband to bring to their family in Ottawa, instructing him how to fluff up the fabric once he arrives. No more squished presents with the possibility of torn paper. Fabric wrapped gifts can get thrown about in the suitcase and after a bit of fluffing up, they look great!


  1. Another great thing about this wrapping is you can cross the border with it and not worry that the border guards will want you to unwrap your presents so they can see what they are! Who cares, unwrap and retie in minutes - no wrecked paper and no worrying about unwrapped gifts!
    with family in the US and us in Canada this is a great idea!

  2. Brilliant! I hadn't thought of that but it is an added bonus! Thanks for sharing this.