Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Wrap #6 - Bundle it up and carry!

Here is a great idea that one of my recent workshop participants came up with. Kathy placed her purchases from the workshop in the middle of the wrap and tied it into a cute little carry bag to bring home. Place your wrap on a diagonal with the items in the center. Take two opposite corners together and tie a square knot over the center. Take the two remaining opposite corners and twist the fabric. Tie a small secure square knot at the top (this forms the handle). Thanks Kathy!


  1. Hi! Love your book. Love it, love it, LOVE it! I bought it in Hong Kong in November, pored over it and envisioned a green Christmas then of course I misplaced it, so I spent most of this week looking for it on my shelves. It was in a shopping bag with a Barbie for my daughter , but I only found it late on Christmas Eve after wrapping 4 gifts in paper and despairing of ever finishing in time for Christmas. Once I found your book and pulled out my fabric squares, the rest of the Christmas presents were done lickety-split.

    I´m really excited about furoshiki and Wrapagami, and I´m going to be giving out gifts right and left. I don´t really care what I´m going to give people, I just want to wrap and wrap!

    Best wishes for a vibrant and succesful 2010,

    P.S. I´ve reviewed your book on my blogs, and (in Spanish.)

  2. Hi Josianne,

    Thanks so much for writing about Wrapagami and Furochic on your blogs. Your photos look amazing - you did a great job and I love the fabrics you chose. Isn't it so much faster and more fun than using paper? Thanks again!