Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The kids are back at school and I am marveling at how quiet my day is! I have finally been able to upload my new press to my website and what an exciting month it was! Thank you to all who wrote about Furochic and Wrapagami. Country Living asked me to enter a Gift Wrap Designer Challenge and they chose my Repurposed Wrap from Wrapagami (see photo). On December 23, I was interviewed live on Martha Stewart Living Radio which was very fun. Etsy wrote a fantastic article on Furochic and Wrapagami in their newsletter, The Storque. The comments from people at the end of the post are so nice to read. The Boston Herald wrote about Furochic the week before Christmas as a way to go green for the holidays. Babyvibe and Saavymom interviewed me as a mom entrepreneur. Thank you!

I am starting the new year with new images. Look out for a catchy, colourful and fun video to be launched on my home page soon. I filmed it yesterday at MBS Video Productions (www.mbsvideos.com) here in Victoria. On Thursday I will have the pleasure of working with VĂ©ronique da Silva (www.dasilvafoto.com) who will photograph Furochic. Yeah!

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  1. I have really enjoyed your book. I wrapped ALL my Christmas gifts in fabric this year. Some were sewn-up bags and others Wrapagami style.