Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Gallery of Victoria

100 children in Victoria now know how to wrap furoshiki style! Last Sunday I was honoured to be a part of the Art Gallery of Victoria's Family Sunday event where children used fabric pens and pastels to create inspiring designs on 27"X27" cotton wraps. They used their wraps to learn how to wrap gifts, bundle up their toys into a cute carry bag and create a cozy wrap for their stuffed animals. It was a treat to spend two hours in the beautiful William Morris style room and my friend Hitomi arrived in a gorgeous Spring kimono for the event. Here I am with the lovely Susanne - a most talented artist and art teacher at the gallery whose enthusiasm, passion for art and happy personality inspire all that meet her!  Thanks Susanne and Tania for inviting me to be a part of this event!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a Small World

I really love the graphics in Disney's It's A Small World. It hasn't changed since the 1960's and is a timeless beauty of bright colours, stylized characters and international costumes and motifs. Lucky for me, it was Ava's favourite ride so I got to go on it twice! Snapping away both times, the photos don't do it justice but have captured some of the wonderful moments. Where would you like to go? I think I would pick India and Brazil!

Wrapagami Workshop in Vero Beach

I'm home after a long 15 hour trip and am missing the sun, swimming, beach, pelicans and fresh OJ! My family has lived in Vero Beach, Florida since I was 8 so as soon as I arrive and feel the humid tropical air and see the palm trees, memories begin to flood back. I love the combo of the old rugged Florida and the pristine natural beauty. I am a huge book lover and have my favourite shops I frequent in my travels. One of which is the Vero Beach Book Center where I always find great gems. I was honoured to run a Wrapagami workshop in the store on March 12 where a very nice and attentive group of ladies joined me to learn the art of wrapping with fabric. Here's a couple of photos of Furochic in the shop. Notice the cute double knot wrap where they matched up the pens with the Furochic fabric.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop closed March 8-17

I'm off on a little tropical mini break to Florida to visit family so the Furochic online store will be closed from March 8-17. You may place an order in this time and it will be shipped on March 18. Happy to announce some small tweaks to the website-check it out at
There's also a new demo video- see how fast and easy it is wrap with fabric using some standard techniques: tie a knot, roll, twist, and tuck it in!