Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wrapagami Workshop in Vero Beach

I'm home after a long 15 hour trip and am missing the sun, swimming, beach, pelicans and fresh OJ! My family has lived in Vero Beach, Florida since I was 8 so as soon as I arrive and feel the humid tropical air and see the palm trees, memories begin to flood back. I love the combo of the old rugged Florida and the pristine natural beauty. I am a huge book lover and have my favourite shops I frequent in my travels. One of which is the Vero Beach Book Center where I always find great gems. I was honoured to run a Wrapagami workshop in the store on March 12 where a very nice and attentive group of ladies joined me to learn the art of wrapping with fabric. Here's a couple of photos of Furochic in the shop. Notice the cute double knot wrap where they matched up the pens with the Furochic fabric.

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